EXTREME Weather Dome

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I am proud to finally reveal the special project that has been worked very hard on over the past few months…

Let me introduce you all to Storm Chase Media’s EXTREME Weather Dome! This is a special dome cam specifically made to be used in the harshest conditions while chasing. It can be controlled wirelessly from inside the vehicle or anywhere else as far away from the dome as the eye can see! Here are some of the other features:

– A full pan and tilt camera system controlled via long range transmitter and receiver
– A special moisture trap used to help combat fogging
– Four 65lb pull magnets attached to the base for mounting
– 3/16” thick acrylic dome that can withstand high impacts
– Can be specifically made with the color and/or logo of one’s choice

The plan is to start selling these at an affordable price to fellow chasers as well as others who are interested. More details to come!


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